Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things we saw today in the North Brooklyn Idustrial Zone

From Bottom to Top: Ugliest Mazda ever; Graffiti and pigeon perch; Masked figure graffiti; Smushed albino mouse; Not sure what message these sports motifs are expressing, but looks dubious; It's not pretty, but it is festive; I think this was their talent show stage - saw something going on in front of last Spring; We Sale Ice Coffee; The truly beautiful Bushwick Branch of the BPL - one of the oldest in the borough; Elmo got busted; Squiddy thing; Tanner didn;t think much of this sculpture; TGE = Trucks Get Enamelized; Flying Pig and Construction babe from 4 square blocks of continuous grafiti - so hot; In case you weren't sure...; Urban fissure; Eat me!; Conflicting images, but after all, I saw Keep Bushwick Beautiful; Hammer Time; Ice Plant; Someone's cheap night in a bottle; Great crack in the wall.

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