Thursday, August 12, 2010

Urban Shopping Adventure with Jamie Agnello!!!

From Bottom to Top: Are those bees flying in and out of those pockets?; The cat matches the furniture EXACTLY; Jamie at Vintage Thrift; Sensuous Man brand at Salvation Army on 23rd Street; Jamie at Chennai Garden - Vegetarian & Kosher Indian food; Leaving the Frying Pan; Cherry frozen margaritas at Cowgirl Hall of Fame!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Greenpoint with Erica

From Bottom to Top: #49; Black shoe/white shoe; The Monster Hole; Tiny street sign; Sadly filled in fixtures; Mop heads; The Grotto - soooo creepy; Yes - that's Mary encased in plastic WITH fake flowers - TACKOLA; Roses; Salt snail; I want to drive this everywhere; The center of the Polish Food Universe; Polish MMA poster; Poo huffing; Chubby face heart encore; Pro Female Fisting?; This toy makes me very uncomfortable; Another monster hole; Everything old out front; Tag and envelope; Street crossing; Lexington Council; Seen on top of someone's awning; Erica and wrought iron bling

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunny Monday with Tanner & Cali

From Bottom to Top: Mummified hydrant and stanchions; Unnatural tree fixture; Dear Bad Boy - take me for a ride in your red car!; Monster?; Green aerie way; Wig on a bottle on a dumpster on Roebling; Landmark plaque on LES; IGNORE ALL FLYERS; Pet Bird; RIP Sister Nicodema (GREAT name)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny Sunday Walks with Cali

From Bottom to Top: Weathered doorbell system; 299 with shadow; Fuschia and Red carnations; St. Cono signs; Little mover; Discarded indie films on VHS; Useless front gate pump fixture; Directional sign; B.S. window; Sad fabric graffiti; Yellow handed; Bobby Hill; Great oxidized texture; #60 Bell; Shadow Gate; Trash Door; Cute sign; Bird hole; Eye picking bird; The place where dreams go; Mystery White Door; Graffiti One; Ornate window grill; Ass Head Men; Graffiti 2-5; When did it turn back to 1991?!; Gorgeous door; Passport Scotch - ONLY the Best; Dolly looking over the shoulder; Poor burro - only one twig; Busted birdhouse; Polish feature; Rustic door; White rhododendrons; Did you notice the cat?; Rickety door; Street dough at Motorino; La Gallina; Graffiti 6; Hater cat; Useless and dangerous looking signal box; dead bird.