Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things I Saw Sunday Afternoon in New Haven

From Bottom to Top: Distant Steeple and Belfry; Sessions Foundry; The Warner; Date Crest; Merit Award; Icanthus Leaves; Union Club Crest

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things I Saw On My Way To The Dentist

From Bottom to Top: Missing Building; Signs From Above; Jellies In Love

Things I Saw Saturday in South Norwalk

From Bottom to Top: Half Alive Half Dead; Smoke Stack; Greeting Geese; Railroad Trestle; Birds I Scared; Historic Plaque; Historic Door; Seaport View; Van Decorated (though oddly the front was blank...rental?); Moose Home; Defunct Sign; Hanging On For Dear Life; Green Doors; Outbuildings; Tree Tops; Maximum Security, Wine Shop; Homey Door; Bamboo King; Whistleville Italian Club; Abandoned Chair; Cup On Hydrant; Short Cut; Gulls At Rest; New Life From Bricks

The Trip To Colonie, Albany & Back For Thanksgiving

From Bottom to Top: Bottle Caddy At The Carwash; Message Unknown; Chris Driving; Tad Riding; Lynn & Chris; Glamour; 1883; Choco Turkey; Street Views; Chris Off Guard; Staples; #288; Oh! Bar Montage: Two Views of Knees and Three Views of Tad; Big Drinks; The Levi of Albany; External Shots - Making Albany Pretty; SAFE; Window Dressing; Hatch; City Of Albany; Holiday Feet; Instructions; One On One Out; Monster Hole; Lark Street; Wedged Leaf; Pumpkin Detritus; Chris & Tad Eating (Again); In Case You Forgot...; Bike; Finial Off Whack