Monday, November 30, 2009

Things I saw Saturday while walking Tanner

From Bottom to Top: Four For?; A killer green vintage truck; Gourd display - you see the sperm looking one?; Great window; Great sign, and YES they are still in business!; A great doorway; Is there any other kind of cat?; I am Father Studzinsky; Old moulding on a brownstone; HYPE TV; The way I spent most of Saturday with Tanner; I want to join this club; Girls; 501 Leonard's great sign; Boys; High hopes; Bike cornucopia; Sadly tagged bird of prey; Poor Chubby face heart has bleeding eyes; Alien contact; Grinning face; Sakajaweya; I love this cow; Small cat and door of cats (Chubby Face Heart in background); Great door; Who is that? I love this kid (he has a baseball bat, but the scaffolding cut him off); Back into my hood; SARS!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things I saw this morning on the way to work

From Bottom to Top: Rotting pumping at the Red Shed; Wonton Specialist - love it!; Sticker graffiti (I smell a Japanese hipster somewhere in this); North Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone - my home away from home; I hope this wasn't for a Fag Drag; NEW sign on Super Job Productions' door!

Monday, November 23, 2009

40/40 Vision Concluded for 2009!

Due to my landlord's edict, 40/40 Vision has concluded for 2009! We ended on a strong note with an amazing live screening and music/spoken word performance by Brent Green. Thanks to everyone who attended these amazing events, and all the people who's help was invaluable to making these work: the Staff at Rooftop Films, Alison Shurman and Elizabeth Aguirre Shurman, Nick Vranizan and Scott Finder for not fighting me on this one.

Keep your eyes open for more 40/40 Vision events early in 2010 - we're taking a rest, but by no means sleeping!

Things I saw walking on Grand Street today

From Bottom to Top: Creepy doll in the window (and the man who was upset I was photographing her); Amazing signage for a dying business; Fabric rolls; Con Sabor Latino; A walk up mending shop window; Scary neon braces; So this is where the covers come from; FABULOUS bakery window.

Fixtures from the bathroom of my favorite bar

These speak for themselves and their unique coolness - rock on Lock Inn