Monday, November 30, 2009

Things I saw Saturday while walking Tanner

From Bottom to Top: Four For?; A killer green vintage truck; Gourd display - you see the sperm looking one?; Great window; Great sign, and YES they are still in business!; A great doorway; Is there any other kind of cat?; I am Father Studzinsky; Old moulding on a brownstone; HYPE TV; The way I spent most of Saturday with Tanner; I want to join this club; Girls; 501 Leonard's great sign; Boys; High hopes; Bike cornucopia; Sadly tagged bird of prey; Poor Chubby face heart has bleeding eyes; Alien contact; Grinning face; Sakajaweya; I love this cow; Small cat and door of cats (Chubby Face Heart in background); Great door; Who is that? I love this kid (he has a baseball bat, but the scaffolding cut him off); Back into my hood; SARS!

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