Friday, November 6, 2009

Things I saw on the way to the junk shop and back to the office today

From Bottom to Top: Of Ice sign; the SWEET camel at Ten Eyck Playground; Balishag Vipers sign; I adore this cow head; Crazy hands on the same door; Great embellishment on a crumbling building; DO NOT sit on this couch; Sheriff bag (I was chastised for taking this picture at the junk shop); Not sure what Judith sold, but I like what's left of her sign; Great font for the shirt launderer; Window-worthy bodega essential; Aptly titled; Amazing door; Door to nowhere; Deep in Balishag Vipers territory; Bucktooth guy; Fabulously vulgar graffitti; Breakfast of Champions; Empahtic signage - I like it!; My new favorite non-sequitor; Big Mouth Blue strikes again; After how many years in NYC I have no idea what this is; Oh Black Boot Saloon - will you EVER be open?; Rusty mailbox in 35 Meadow stairwell; Scott's attempt at artwork; My workspace; Is God Calling Me?; Chris Cannucciari hard at work; Alison Shurman literally saying "Why won't you sync?"

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