Monday, February 1, 2010

Things I saw yesterday walking with Tanner

From Bottom to Top: Facial hair sticker; Pink 'n' Green bikes; Why Valentine's Day is atrocious; Left behind chairs; Scum Life Brooklyn; Cat eating dead bird; Jacked up van; Left behind chair; The Metropolitan - the neighborhood gay bar that I rarely frequent; Chicken Emporium - never been open; Brooklyn stoop; Someone's shrine - people pray here and it smells like cigars all the time; Creepy toy oven (notice girl's picture?); Old Cono sign; Fake ferns; Too much flair; Orange front door; Can you find the bird?; Chintz couch; I'm amazed by what people put in their front windows.

1 comment:

lily said...

I love the pink oven, would have killed for that as a kid!