Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day in Manhattan...crosstown journey

From Bottom to Top: Cowgirl Hall of Fame window display - Welcome to Appalasia!; Organic slice sign; Hudson Flowers window display; Hudson News' floral offerings; Playground lion; Hudson Deli's floral offerings - I am SOOOOO dying for Spring; Jackson Square - fountain and admonishment NOT to feed birds and squirrels (which really means rats); West Village garbage; Fire hose attachments; Great light fixture #1; Great sign; Great light fixture #2; Who is Aunt Butchie - I've lived in BK my entire time here and have no clue; Scary feather display; The Senton Hotel - NYC's gay No Tell Motel; Scary wig display; Building detail; Tesla Building plaque; Odd glove display; Bouquest a week club?; Boriqua City; Barber sign; Empire State Building; Tacky souvenir shop; 153 Madison; Remsen Building; Madison Baptist Church; First Moravian Church; Curry Hill and Curry in a Hurry; Reconstructed sign; Frog cupcakes; Irish Sausage & Bacon; Asian hotel sign; The Hairy Monk; Last of the great pawn shops in NYC; Industrial design; Third Avenue L Station; Tanner the commuter.