Monday, April 19, 2010

RIP Mylie - Your 17 Years Were Great Ones

Mylie was a small white kitten when I first saw her - the breeder had selected another kitten for my Mother, but I insisted we take the small white kitten that jumped on the Chosen One and bit her on the head. That's the cat WE want. The day we brought her home she was a DEMON - I held her in a soft green towel as she made the most satanic faces and noises a kitten could. She came home and became the Princess she was until her death. She survived countless dogs, another cat, my family, the death of my father, a relocation and kidney failure. Through it all, she was loud and aloof and loved my Mother more than anything in her world. I remember calls home when my Mother would have to shoo the cat away she was talking so loudly. I remember visits home when she would perch on my lap without moving, and make mean noises at me if I would. the last time I was home, she was showing her age - she was slow and brittle and skinny, but she was still loud and felt her place in life was on your lap. We will all miss you, La La Ping Ping.

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