Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chinatown with Ben and Tanner

From Bottom to Top: Scary back window gear; 1926; Magnolia tree by the BQE; I wanna live in Cupcake Land; My next place MUST be in Novelty Court; Tranding?; Dumpling and Foot should never appear in signs that close to each other; Main Squeeze and the Main Squeeze Orchestra!!!; Phallic spark plug art; Eye shades at Chinese Shit Shop; Vivid Bra (beneath the Manhattan Bridge); Xi'an Famous Foods, home of Spicy & Tingly Lamb Face Salad; Forever Love Wedding Center; Sleezy Mayor Hotel; Mean Franchise Panda; View of Chrysler Building from the Manhattan Bridge; Equally Sleezy Hotel 91; Everything is CHEAP in Chinatown; 1958; Seahorse in East River Park, NYC's crappiest park; I found another one!!!

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