Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today's "Give It Up...Really" Award goes to...Mel Gibson

Having been subjected to far too many movie ads for "Edge of Darkness", I am compelled to award today's "Give It Up...Really" Award to Mel Gibson. I think this over-the-hill anti-Semite might best use his time hiding rather than trying to convince us he is still an action hero. Every scene in the trailer features HIM and HIM alone, descending upon some "villian", save for the one scene where he cradles his dead daughter (shot from afar, mind you). Come on, Mel...do you really think you've still got the MOJO? Watching the brief bit I did made me uncomfortable - the same way I felt when I was approached by an "older" woman at Barney's in a too-tight dress, resembling a sausage casing, and she asked me if it was too tight. HELL YES! Mel...I'll give you "The Road Warrior", but that's all you get after your Mad Max millions went to making "The Passion of the Christ" - nuff said. Mel Gibson...Give It Up...Really.

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