Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things I saw walking Tanner before the rain today

From Bottom to Top: Two angry cupcakes; Apple in a blender in a window; My fave cow is back; I love Jew York!; Hanging all stars and googly eyes; A great could; Demon face; More reassuring man's face; Satanic looking skull and horn thing Tanner peed on; Cheesecakes and cakes at Fortunato Brothers, a neighborhood institution; Hibou; Exposed wooden beam; Closet racist; FAB birdhouse too far up in a tree to be reached; Work seen from across the street; Lonely Christmas bear candle; Devoe Street branch, BPL; Scary litle face; Leonard Arms; Christmas Sacrficial Shrine; Tree pussy; BE; Scary DYKE party flyer; C4; Our Lady of Tacky Fake Flowers and Cats; Squiddy; UHAUL's new Moving Adventure art is a vast improvement - Horseshoe Crab, Spider and Abolishionism; Brooklyn's shadiest ghetto Chinese joint; Sunburst; Defunct ornaments; Killer octopus; Boneshaker's - MY COFFE JOINT!!!!; Found fallout shelter.

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