Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things I saw on Morgan Avenue and Monitor Street

From Bottom to Top: another diseased tree; red leaves on green ivy; Sir Brooklyn; T Shirt awning; Ghetto tool repair; Steel door public art; This area patrolled; The flags of the dollar store plaza; Got 'Roids?; Tree pit daisies; Semper Fi household; Discarded sad; AMAZING converted Volvo; Decaying vintage 7-UP sign; Polish hair salon clip art; Patriotic Greenpoint trees; Boxers in the trash; The last red blooms of 2009; Sign redux; Strange orange tape square; Homemade Pepsi and hamburger art; Polish real estate flyer; St. Cecelia's Rectory cornerstone; Buonomo Cleaners, owned and run by the Kim family; Sweet old mailbox; Even sweeter old electricity guages; Van of broken hearts.

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