Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First day of work at Super Job Productions workspace

After months of unemployment and interviewing for jobs that I knew I would never want or were rungs below where I felt I was professionally - after months of hearing that I was overqualified, underqualified, too expensive or too ambitious - I decided to just follow the path my father blazed many years ago and work for myself!!! I decided to start J. Tad Barnes Events, my own firm. I consult non-profits on fundraising strategies, produce corporate and private events and am working my way into my true goal, a film producer. I've got the contacts, I've got the style, I've got the charm - why not? The problem was...I was spending 24 hours a day at home, often in my underwear, mostly in bed, working on my laptop. Needless to say...I was not feeling very professional or productive. Enter BFF Alison Shurman and Super Job Productions...

Today was my first day in a newly renovated and GORGEOUS workspace in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, less than ten blocks from my front door. I got up this morning, showered, shaved, and dressed UP. I packed my laptop and walked Tanner to the office...and it was MAGICAL. I sorted out a wedding, worked on 40/40 Vision (Rooftop Films fundraising series I am hosting) and got Malcolm Gladwell to donate a signed book and possibly donate time to a film I am working on funding.

I felt productive, professional...and invincible. Goddamn!

Very special thanks to Super Job Productions for giving me a home - Alison Shurman, Chris Cannucciari, Nick Vranizan and Sam Bathrick - friends and professional cronies are hard to find, but we found each other!

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