Monday, May 28, 2012

The Wonderful World of Tom Paul

From Bottom to Top:  Iron roller; Rusty chain; Mexican Standoff #1; Shells; Liz's Half; My Half; Wooden Door; Mighty Flame; This Can Is Bad; Doorstop; Saws; Tires; Shears; The Pond; My Practice Target; Huck Swimming; Dead Stump in Reeds; Woodpile; Stove; Weapon of Mass Mosquito Destruction; Oil Can; Harper Rolls; Tom Paul on the Tractor; View Up The Street; Mexican Standoff #2; Golden Toad; Tree Lines; Views Under The Conifers; Birdhouse; Garden View; Birdhouses; Tree Pussies; Stone Wall; Todd Quality Hybrid; Roof Joist; Outhouse; Birdhouse; Yellow Flowers; Iron Roller #2; Wheel; FAB Truck; This Is Where Beer Comes From; Plant Hook; Oxen Team Yoke; Barn; Caution; Pitchfork; Crush Still Life; Barn Exteriors; Lush Views; Excellent Signage; Paddle & Antlers; Saw Teeth; Energy Smart School; Iron Triangles; FAB Truck #2; Map Of The Sky; Vogue; Sexy Bride; German Booty; Wall Of Fame; Antlers; 100 Years; Amazing Mirror; Glovolium; Sucrets; Ballantine Bullet Hole; Rachel Kiss My Ass; Unicycle; Hosta & Window; Amazing Mirror; Windows; Stone Wall; Holes In Screen; This Gnome Has The Key; Swimming Beetle; Red Diamond; Beware Of Owner

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