Monday, October 31, 2011

Things I Saw Trying To Get Home Before The Halloween Parade

From Bottom to Top: Discarded mums; My guy again; Sweet little window display; Jeff, one lonely guy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Things I Saw From My Window During Yesterday's HORRID Weather

From Bottom to Top: The fire escape covered in snow; Snowy rooftops; Hotel Le Jolie in the snow; The slow-moving BQE in the snow; Snowy branch outside my window.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things I Saw On Monday Picking Apples at Wilklow Orchards in Highland, NY

From Bottom to Top: The Wilklow Witch; Cheryl, Juie & Tad on the ride up (fantastic up shot on Tad); Julie REALLY connected with this pumpkin; Cheryl in shop; Peter & Nick; Chickens; Goats (the brown/black goat is fully giving stink eye); Skelly Hand Julie; Rustic sink set up; Weathervane; Gourds, Random floating hot dog; Farm cat; Indian corn; Jordan/Lily/Erin/Peter/Julie; Wooly Bear caterpillar; Lily does farm; Peter running Julie down; Jordan mesmerized by chickens; Pre-pick gathering; Gemma & Peter; Pre-pick meal; Jackson and chickens; Gemma & Peter encore; Lovely tree; Nick; Anna & Peter; Jordan LOVES apples...Cheryl, not so much; Erin hams it up; Sumac leaves; Looking up the hill with Lily & Erin; Top of the hill; Rotten apples; Apples; Nick looking like he's fleeing the scene; Water feature; Late season snapdragons; Poison ivy turning red; More apples; Apple in the hole; Anna, Cheryl/Gerardo/Julie; Nick eating apple; Jordan cutting looks; Intersection of Main Road & Pear Street; More red poison ivy; Everyone up the hill; Red and Yellow poison ivy; Saplings; Not sure what Jordan is up to here; Weeds; Small red sumac; Posing on the hillside; Three shots of Jordan for perspective; Yellow leaves; Six shots of Tad being chic in the orchard (taken by Erin Welsh); Three shots of Erin; Two shots of Lily; Lily & Erin; Lily's headstand; Jordan blowing bubbles; Three tractors; Lily/Jackson/Jordan; Goodbye Wilklow...