Monday, October 24, 2011

Things I Saw on Sunday with Chris: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

From Bottom to Top: Three views from the Japanese Garden; Koi orgy; Golden Koi; Three views of a little terrapin; Chris in the Fragrance Garden; Girl in the fountain; Strange pods; Whispy tops; Purple alien flower; Chris is the scenery; Tubers; Spitting fish fixture; Red stems; Rotunda; Three pronged floral; Stars of the Desert Pavillion; I've Got The Stuff That You Want...; More cacti stars; Prickly ground cover; View from below; Dreamy tree; Down the side; Diseased tree; Trellis; Small orange flowers; Small purple flowers; Bad Ass Prickly Pear; Views of the Rock Garden; Glacial plaques; Toxic berries; Single yellow leaf; Glacial scratches; Modern Art (made of invasive, non-native plants from a NY State Park); Boulder Hill plaque; Conifer buds; Shakespeare Garden fountain.

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