Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Fever: Things I Saw Wandering Around Houston Street

From Bottom to Top: Defunct time/temp on 6th Avenue; #112; Newly seeded; Monster hole in tree; BEST Butcher in NYC; Iron sign #1; Hello My Name Is; Yellow Peril; Down to Earth; Mascha Kaloko - no idea who you were; Girly belt buckle dare; West paste?; Iron sign #2 - #5; #144; Lovely building trim; Fitschen; Handprint; What is Sissy all about?; Look at your posture; Discarded lion on bike; Rosa & Son fantastic sign; Monopoly DJ; Turkey time!; Hens and eggs; Corrugated smile; #58 & #60; Yum Yum at Stop One; Winged helmet (hiding under scaffolding); Black adder; Her 'stache follows you everywhere to go; Ted's Formal Wear is NOT so formal; Three happy clouds; Window display at drycleaner's; This bear is PISSED!

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