Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is Tanner

This is Tanner - he's the LOVE of my life. He is a four year old Jack Russell Terrier, and quite possibly the best dog ever ;)

Tanner was a return to the breeder for being a bad boy at his last home. Truthfully, he is the easiest dog to handle. He does EXACTLY as he is told, does not bark in the house, plays with dogs three times his size, has NEVER messed indoors, avoids weirdo dogs and is LOW energy for a JRT. He's very popular, and often people call out his name without even acknowledging whomever walks him.

Tanner is brindle and white, and his tail is completely intact, which is great. Sometimes, he wags so hard that he falls over. He's VERY fast when he runs, and can out-maneuver almost every dog that chases him. He's skinny and built like a wrestler - people laugh and call him "buff". He's pretty, and he knows it, and poses like above.

Without Tanner, I would probably die from loneliness. Through him I have met some of my best friends, and he's the only thing that is always happy to see me, forgives my issues and loves me no matter what.

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